So this is my mask i started last week..




So the past year has been hard to deal with. Breaking up moving starting school,getting back together…we cant talk we argue about nothing and it fucking sucks…you know i cant get my feelings out when you need them..i am not with you just because you wont leave me…I’m with you cause i love you,and i don’t see my life with out you in it i never thought of having a future. But i do know i am with you cause you are amazing you love me no matter what i just feel like i am home when I’m with you…your my best friend and the person i love no mattet what…i am sorry I’ve been an asshole but i have been scared that ill get home and you won’t be here…anyways your asking me why i am not watching this show with you l…

not knowing what I am…

it’s funny and sad, I was hanging out with my cousins and there kids, just because there mom is white and my cousins are old half native. So they can’t get status cards…it’s hard so for us to keep our status we need to have kids with a girl who has a card. Like I got friends who live on the Rez I got cousins to. But the housing shortage is fucked. It’s not like they are just asking for a free house,they are just asking for a small piece of land to raise there kids and have them grow up in a stabbe house and not half to me once a year…like I hear them talking about talking down the smoke house and put houses there I find that kinda dissertation. Cause they don’t know what it is and our age group knows about but out elders are passing away,I can’t eve find out the meaning of my Indian name cause there isn’t a person I can ask. Like I am native irish japanese swedish…I always get people asking me what nationality I I don’t no where I went this anyways